Congrulations to Dan!

Congratulations to Dan Peach, who recently announced that he would taking an Assistant Professor position at the University of Georgia. We can’t wait to see what this Georgia Peach will accomplish in his independent research group!

May 2024

Lab retreat!

We had a great lab retreat to Loon Lake, in the UBC Malcolm Knapp Research Forest to welcome new members and spend some time on the water before embarking on...

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Apr 2024

Congratulations Ivan!

Ivan Lo defended his M.Sc. thesis today, entitled “Strategies for improving the genetic toolbox in Aedes aegypti mosquito.”

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Mar 2024

Congratulations Tahnee!

Big congratulations to newly minted Zoology M.Sc. Tahnee Ames (co-supervised with Phil Matthews)

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Feb 2024

Welcome to UBC Geering Up

We were excited to welcome visitors from the UBC Geering Up program to the lab today. We hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Vancouver!

CIHR funding for taste and touch

The lab is thrilled to be funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (with fantastic colleague Mike Gordon and his lab) to study mosquito sensory s...

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Jan 2024

Congratulations Elsa!

Braving a snowstorm, Elsa Cyr hopped onto zoom this afternoon and defended her M.Sc. thesis (The neural basis of taste processing in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes...

Happy holidays and new year!

The UBC mosquito lab capped off an excellent 2023, seeing the first graduate student finish their degree (congratulations Orna!), welcoming several new membe...

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Nov 2023

CCA report and The Big Story

Our role as a member of the Council of Canadian Academies’ The Expert Panel on Regulating Gene-Edited Organisms for Pest Control resulted in a report entitle...

Welcome to Ian!

After starting up at UBC, the lab could only avoid working on fish for so long… A hearty welcome to Dr. Ian Bouyoucos, joining our lab as a postdoctoral fell...

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Oct 2023

Welcome to Bridget!

A hearty welcome to Bridget White, joining us as a research technician after finishing her M.Sc. degree from the University of Manitoba! Bridget’s position i...

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Jul 2023

Congratulations to Orna!

Congratulations to the Mosquito Lab’s first Masters graduate, Orna Phelan, who defended her thesis in style today. Orna’s thesis was entitled “An investigati...

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May 2023

Congratulations to our graduates!

Congratulations to all Mosquito lab alumni who are graduating today! Special shout-out to Cam, Phillip, Parsa, and Dannica on their successful defence of the...

HFSP Funding Announcement

The lab is excited to announce a successful funding application to the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP). This three-year award is in collaboration with ...

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Mar 2023

Nice job Elsa!

Congratulations to Elsa for her semi-final appearance in the UBC 3-minute thesis competition

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Feb 2023


Big thanks to Jeff Doherty for getting us organized for the first Mosquito Lab ‘working retreat.’ We found a nice spot nestled at the base of the mountains a...

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Jan 2023

Welcome (back) Jonathan!

A big Mosquito Lab welcome (back) to Jonathan Chiang, a former co-op student who is returning to pursue an M.Sc. in the Genome Sciences and Technology progra...

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Sep 2022

Congratulations Leisl

Big congratulations to Leisl, who passed her comprehensive examination with flying colours! Can’t wait to see how your PhD work unfolds.

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Jun 2022

Welcome Jeff!

A warm welcome to Jean-François (Jeff) Doherty, who is joining us as a Postdoctoral Fellow (joint appointed with Leonard Foster’s lab)! Jeff will expand the ...

What Bit Me?

Dan getting out the word about an exciting project in the lab, “What Bit Me?” that aims to add to our understanding of mosquito distributions across the Paci...

Congrulations to Dan!

Congratulations to Dan Peach, who recently announced that he would taking an Assistant Professor position at the University of Georgia. We can’t wait to see ...

UBC Graduation 2022

Congratulations to our 2022 UBC Graduates! Jonathan, Lauren, Maryann, Joshua, Annie. Not pictured: Smit and Ana!

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May 2022

VanFly 2022

Congratulations to Elsa on her award for the second-best short talk at the 2022 VanFly Conference!

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Apr 2022

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Mar 2022

Leisl awarded a 4YF

Big shout out to Leisl Brewster who was awarded a 4 year fellowship from UBC to support her gradate studies going forward. Congratulations, Leisl!

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Oct 2021

So we meet again…

So great to have hybrid lab meetings again - conversations in person are so much better than on Zoom! Welcome to all of the new folks in the lab as well!

MSFHR Scholar Award

We are very pleased to announce that Ben was selected as a 2021 Scholar by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research to support work in the lab for t...

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Jun 2021

Congratulations to 2021 grads!

Congratulations to Aleksandra Anoshina, Ivan Lo, and Ana Parra for successfully defending their Honour’s theses and graduating this spring! Congratulations ...

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Mar 2021

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Feb 2021

Sloan Fellowship

We are very pleased that Ben has been awarded a 2021 Sloan Foundation Fellowship in Neurosciences, celebrating the hard work of everyone who has been through...

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Dec 2020

Happy holidays 2020

Wishing everyone a very happy holiday from the Mosquito Lab at UBC! It’s been a weird and tough year, but I am proud of this crew for making the best of it ...

Congratulations to Britya

Congratulations to Britya Ghosh (collaborator in Mike Gordon’s Lab) for successfully defending her M.Sc. thesis on lactic acid perception in mosquitoes and f...

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Sep 2020

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Jun 2020

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May 2020

Congratulations to Dan!

A hearty congratulations to Dan Peach on the publication of the final version of his paper, Modeling the Putative Ancient Distribution of Aedes togoi (Dipter...

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Jan 2020

Congratulations to Dan!

Congratulations to Dan Peach on his first ever bioRxiv pre-print, Modelling the Putative Ancient Distribution of the Coastal Rock Pool Mosquito Aedes togoi. ...

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Dec 2019

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Nov 2019


The lab is starting to take shape! Benches are in and insectary is hot, humid, and ready for mosquitoes. Big thanks to Dan and Britya for helping to get eve...

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Aug 2019

Lab twitter

We have joined the twenty-first century. Come follow the lab on twitter @BenMatthewsUBC!

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Jun 2019

Welcome to the (Ben) Matthews Lab!

Welcome to the new home of the (Ben) Matthews lab in the Department of Zoology at the University of British Columbia. The physical doors will open in Septem...

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